DubFellows Community: Terms of use (Rules)

The main objective of DubFellows translators community - to provide community members the opportunity to legally share with each other their author's translation (dubbing) of popular video content, as well as legally watch TV shows, movies and educational content in users preffered language.

Since the current model of video copyright was imperfect (and often very long) people have taken the process of translation and localization of interesting content in their own hands and now decide when and what content they want to watch in their preffered language.

Thanks to the members of our community, users can see translations of popular TV series, movies and shows in high quality from trusted local authors and dubbing studios in users' preffered language after only 24 hours after the series premiere in the US.

But for us is necessary to describe these Terms of use that would regulate all the processes of work and most importantly - do not violate copyrights of content authors, copyright holders and authors of dubbing. Because we have the same respect for all sides of the whole process.

The following rules are designed to regulate the relations between all participants of DubFellows Community, and are mandatory for all without exception, the site users.

Thank you for the understanding.

Permanent link to this rules is http://dubfellows.com/rules


DubFellows Community: Terms of use (Rules)


1. Registration and acceptance of the Rules.


1.1. By registering on the site, you are automatically agree with all the Terms described in this Rules. If you disagree with any part of these Terms and / or do not want to accept them - discontinue use of this website.


1.2. By registering on the site anu user confirms that is competent and have legal competence.


1.3. By registering on the website user gives his consent to the processing and use of any personal data provided in the registration process and during the subsequent use of the site.


1.4. The user has no right to use the resource for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.


2. Disclaimer.


2.1. All content (text, audio and video materials), which user adds to the website, considered as his property until there are no reasons to believe otherwise.


2.2. The website is physically unable to carry out and does not exercise moderation of users materials and does not conduct audits of users content nor for compliance with the law, nor for the presence of viruses, other harmful software which able to harm your computer and can not be held responsible in the event of your receipt of these materials (files) from the website.


2.3. The user is solely responsible for all placed on the website information and materials (files).


2.4. All materials (files), as well as their contents posted by user to the website are solely the user's point of view. Website is not responsible for the content, does not share, does not support the views and positions of authors and does not warrant that the materials placed by the legislation.


2.5. User agrees not to use the website for downloading, storage and / or distribution of any material (files) that violate laws of your country, or rights and legitimate interests of third parties.


2.6. Users of the website agree not to use the website as hosting for their materials and materials of other Members for an improper purpose. Keep in mind that posted files are the property of the User, which have placed them.


2.7. The website is not responsible for the use of (both legitimate and illegal) third-party materials posted on the website, including their reproduction and distribution as well on the website as in any other places.

2.8. The website has the right to remove any materials (files) from the website at any time without any notice and explaining the reasons. In particular, the materials (files) can be deleted in case of justified complaints about their accommodation from a third party (owner of the rights to this file). In the event of any claims of third parties in respect of infringement of any patent and / or copyright and other property and / or moral rights, the User is obliged to fully compensate the loss to the website.


2.9. The user is solely responsible to third parties for their actions related to the deployment and / or storage of materials on the website. User independently and at their own expense agrees to settle all claims by third parties relating to the placement and / or storage of materials on the website.


3. Community rules.


3.1. Participation in the community should not contradict the legislation.
That's why all the participants of the Community shall be prohibited:


3.1.1. To place the materials contradicting the legislation - including those containing information of a pornographic nature


3.1.2. Post material of a commercial nature without the consent of the administration of the resource.


3.1.3. Distribute using the website materials that violate someone's intellectual property rights.


3.1.4. Use the website for the spread of viruses or any other products containing malicious code.


3.2. Participation in the community and fellowship should be comfortable inside.
That's why all the participants of the Community shall be prohibited:


3.2.1. Use the resource as the source for any file-sharing resources and / or services, as well as an archive with no purpose of regular use. Especially when it comes to storing large amounts of data.


3.2.2. To use programs which create an abnormal load on the website, as well as those that can cause damage to the website and / or cause a failure of technical or software resource and / or otherwise disrupt the normal operation of the resource.


3.2.3. Use any material site in an unusual way, or using direct links without the consent of the site administrator.


4. Terms of adding materials and responsibility of the user.


4.1. User warrants that added by him/her resource materials:


4.1.1. does not contain information the dissemination of which is prohibited or restricted in accordance with the laws of your country;


4.1.2. do not violate the property rights of third parties and the rights of third parties on copyright, intellectual property, trademarks and brand, to any other rights;


4.1.3. relevant to social, moral and ethical principles (do not contain messages that offend human dignity, promote violence, racial or ethnic hatred, etc.);


4.1.4. are free of viruses or any other malicious code containing software;


4.1.5. do not harm minors in any way;


4.1.6. do not contain pornography, violence and other materials of a similar nature;


4.2. If the materials are contrary to this Rules and / or any of subparagraphs of paragraph 4.1 the material should be immediately removed by the User which has been placed it.


4.3. Members undertake to seek to add high-quality materials only.


4.3.1. The audio quality of materials must be of high level - the sound should not be too soft or too loud. Avoid sudden changes in track volume.


4.3.2. Do not publish unfinished materials and texts.


4.3.3. If possible, add a description to each of your file - it will attract additional attention to the materials.


4.3.4. The use of alternative links and torrent links is prohibited.


4.3.5. Using the foul language in the description and names is prohibited.


5. Moderation of the content.


5.1. Website Administration is not holding a special pre-moderation of materials have added by users, but reserves the right to edit materials, close access to them, as well as (in some cases provided by these rules) remove them. This ruls should help us to maintain the website quality and the entire community at the high level.


5.2. According to this Rules the decision of blocking, moving, closure and removal of materials Moderators and Administrators of the Community takes at its own discretion.


5.3. The website Administration may close the access to the content which:


5.3.1. contains agitation and / or promotion of any nature;


5.3.2. incite ethnic or religious hatred;


5.3.3. insult people on national, ethnic, ethical, gender, sexual, material, age, physical and / or a different principle;


5.3.4. contains calls to change the public order, sovereignty, government; insulting the national and state symbols authorities - no matter what country in question - in direct and / or indirect form;


5.3.5. contains violence, threats of reprisals, the use of force;


5.3.6. encourage illegal or obscene acts, including: gambling; illegal arms sales; advertising and publishing material that may violate any laws of your country.

5.3.7. in the case of artificial intervention in the statistics (wrapping materials of views);


5.3.8. contains political appeals and information;


5.3.9. for a long time have not been used or have been used as an archive;


5.3.10. description and the name of which does not correspond to the reality;


5.3.11. contains links to files and torrent-torrent-tracker sites;


5.3.12. contains links to the illegal content. This also applies to references to websites engaged in activities prohibited by the legislation.


5.4. The administration reserves the right to:


5.4.1. Block and delete the content if it violates these rules and the resource does not meet the requirements for materials.


5.4.2. Block and remove users who violate the rules.


5.4.3. Change these Rules and / or any of terms of use of the website.


6. Moderation of users.


6.1. The decision on the temporary or eternal, full or partial blocking of Users, on editing, closing or removing user accounts take Moderators and Administrators of the Community at its own discretion.


6.2. The website Administration may close the access to the webiste to users who are:


6.2.1. Violates the rules of propriety.


6.2.2. Use foul language.


6.2.3. Offending other users of the Community.


6.2.4. Violates these Terms of the Community.


7. The responsibility of Administration.


7.1. The website administration is not moderate the content, published by users, and is not responsible for the content of materials (files) from compliance with the law or the safety of their use.


7.2. Adding materials, their storage, viewing and use (including referrals from the descriptions to other Internet resources) is at your own risk.


7.3. The administration does not warrant that the website will meet all expectations of website users, and do not warrant trouble-free and error-free operation, as well as do not warrant the safety of User's profile and materials published by users.


7.4. The website does not reimburse any damages, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties arising from the use or inability to use the materials placed on the website or the website in general.


7.5. The administration is not responsible for the inability to use the full functions of the website.


7.6. The administration reserves the right, without any notice, to remove any content (files) from the website or temporarily restrict access to them.


7.7. Management reserves the right to change the Terms without notice to Users.