Are you watching NETFLIX but don't have enough subtitles in your language?

Translate Netflix subtitles with one click!

Install DubFellows extension to upgrade Netflix player
and get additional subtitles and words translation
just inside the player

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Reach audiences in foreign countries by translating videos to other languages. Gain number of views, subscribers, likes from people in other countries.

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Increase sales from foreign countries by translating product videos of your goods to clients' local languages!

DubFellows Extension will let you watch NETFLIX in your language

How does it work

Step 1

Install DubFellows Plugin for Google Chrome

Plugin will add additional functionality to player menu on

Install plugin now

You can also install / re-install plugin via the link:

Step 2

Enjoy watching NETFLIX with built-in translator and additional subtitles!

You will need a subscription to translate more than 10 words per day. If you have troubles with the plugin – try to re-install it or contact us.

That's simple! Install plugin now!

How can you help

Introduce us to local dubbing studios

Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, French, German or any other language – feel free to cooperate with us.

Terms for studios we keep here.

Create your own voice-over and upload it

Choose video content you want to translate / dub and people will listen your localizations!

Terms for translators we keep here.

Share DubFellows among your friends!

The more people use DubFellows – the more great content we will have from studios.

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