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The market of legal video is changing and growing.
In 2017 NETFLIX will celebrate 100 millions its viewers around the world, and Amazon Prime Video will exceed 50 millions users.

Now, more than ever, you can easily and legally watch movies and TV series on platforms like NETFLIX, HBO, Amazon. At the same time, in many other countries, until recently times, watching your favorite TV series translated into your local language was a problem. Most time users had only two options - either to wait until some of the local TV channels or platform will buy the translation rights (sometimes non-top serials for years did not even have a chance), or unlegally go to the torrents or sites-dumps overloaded by advertising and videos with poor quality. Every such time you needed to spend extra time, recieve an unknown picture quality, a random audio-dubbing and suffer from advertising before, after and even during the viewing of each series. Closing the key pirate platforms across Europe made the process of watching series in users preffered language even more complicated.

But this approach is the residue of the old inconvenient past.
It's time for new innovative solutions!

Introducing you the DubFellows Community!

DubFellows - the aggregator of audio dubbing and subtitles which allows you to legally watch series on legal video platforms with a voice-over localized in your preffered language.
DubFellows Community - as an union of people and studios, who respect themselves and work of translators, actors and stuff-team. It's a crowd of people around the world who want to receive any future episodes of their favourite serials without surprises, without delay and without ads, in excellent HD and Ultra HD quality and with a localized voice-over which preserves the original speech, emotional moments and the spirit of the series!

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Our approach

Innovative Technology

To create a new way to legally and conveniently watch TV shows we had to create something entirely new - both legally and technically!

High-quality video with the world's best sites

93+ millions NETFLIX's users worldwide have already appreciated the content stability with stunning HD (2K) and Ultra HD (4K) with a voice-over, which retains the original actors voices and the film's sounds.

No advertising

There is no intrusive banner ads, and video doesn't have any built-in prerolls. Only you and your favorite TV series!

Ease to use

You no longer need to search for TV shows on a bunch of different websites. We aggregate all translated content from all popular studios in one place!

Supporting of local studios

Revenues from subscriptions help studios create more high-quality translations. The more viewers - the faster release of each new series!

100% legal content

No matter where you, NETFLIX will provide a video row for you. Voice-overs are provided by local dubbing studios (which are themselves create, upload and fully own the rights to their content).