Are you watching NETFLIX but don't have enough subtitles in your language?

Translate Netflix subtitles with one click!

Install DubFellows extension to upgrade Netflix player
and get additional subtitles and words translation
just inside the player

Why install plugin?

Easily watch movies and series in original language!

Now you can translate subtitles with one click.

Study language by watching English movies!

Subtitles translator will help you to do not miss anything.

Translate subtitles to 104 languages!

Other language is not a problem anymore!

DubFellows Extension will let you watch NETFLIX in your language

How does it work

Step 1

Install DubFellows Plugin for Google Chrome

Plugin will add additional functionality to player menu on

Install plugin now

You can also install / re-install plugin via the link:

Step 2

Enjoy watching NETFLIX with built-in translator and additional subtitles!

You will need a subscription to translate more than 10 words per day. If you have troubles with the plugin – try to re-install it or contact us.

That's simple! Install plugin now!