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Reach audiences in foreign countries by translating videos to other languages. Gain number of views, subscribers, likes from people in other countries.

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Increase sales from foreign countries by translating product videos of your goods to clients' local languages!

Meet the new way of sharing subtitles and audion dubbing of popular TV shows and movies!

We want to give viewers the opportunity to comfortably and legally watch their favorite TV series and Movies in their preffered language (with subtitles or audio dubbing from local studios). As well as let Dubbing Studios the opportunity to promote their work without piracy and the necessity to upload the original film / series with new dubbing on torrents.

What we offer for studios


New legal way of sharing your subtitles and voice-over translations within NETFLIX

Thousands of people will watch NETFLIX (and not just NETFLIX) videos with your localization


Additional promo of already created voice-overs and subtitles

We can help you to increase the number of views of your voice-overs and will help you to reach more subscriptions, advertising and sponsorship for your products.


Tens of thousands of new watchers

Represent your studio on DubFellows and get a lot of new watchers every week.


Access to detailed statistic of your voice-overs and the market

You will get detailed information about your materials – users feedbacks, reviews, ratings and a lot more! We also going to share with studios non-detailed anonymized statistic of the whole platform and about statement of local dubbing markets.


Reinforcement of your dubbing business reputation

Represent business page of your studio on DubFellows, get orders for new translations, voice-overs and dubbings, build your online reputation on specialized service (DubFellows is such service!).


Friendly competition with other studios

Become a dubbing studio with the best reviews and ratings in your area, grow the most large number of loyal viewers and subscribers!

Let's develope the dubbing market together!

*Proffesional voiceover translations - are translations by one or a few people (mostly by studio's team)
without replacing the original track and voices of the movie or TV series (unlike dubbing).